Conservation officers bravely performed a harrowing rescue in Northern Michigan as a woman nearly fell 70 feet off a cliff into the freezing waters of Lake Superior.

A casual evening stroll to visit a friend became a terrifying experience for a 25 year-old L'Anse, Michigan woman on May 3rd. The subject, not named in the DNR report, told the men who saved her life that she wanted to get closer to Lake Superior. Not realizing how steep the 70 foot precipice was, she hopped the guard rail then lost her footing and slid nearly halfway down the steep incline before finally breaking her fall by clutching tree roots. An icy Lake Superior loomed below.

Afflicted with Huntington's Disease, a disorder that affects physical movements, the woman's strength was failing but her cellphone signal was strong and she was able to dial 9-1-1. Baroga County Conservation Officers David Miller and Kyle McQueer responded to the call to assist Michigan state troopers. The desperate search was on to locate the woman. “Just as we passed Hannapaa road, we were flagged down by an individual who could hear someone hollering for help from somewhere down the cliff,” Miller said.

Unconcerned for their own safety, the pair of DNR officers worked their way down the cliffside toward the desperate woman. Strategically, McQueer stayed a little above while Miller continued down until he reached her. McQueer then ran to the truck and returned with a tow strap, expertly tossing it down to his partner. Officers from other departments had begun arriving at the scene, including a state police trooper and officers from the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community and Baraga police departments. Miller tied the strap around the woman and once she was secured, all officer pulled her to safety, ending the ordeal.

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