Branch County residents get a chance next week to have some back and forth with developers of a proposed solar power site. Apex Energy is proposing to set up a big solar panel array on the south side of the City of Coldwater and adjoining Ovid Township just to the south of the city.

Along with the clean source of energy, Apex Energy executives are promoting tens of millions of dollars in construction spending to develop the site. They are also projecting as much as $20 million dollars in tax payments to local units of government in Branch County, along with local school districts.  The projected lifespan of the solar array is about 30 years.

Apex Energy says the solar panels it wants to set up what it is calling a “utility-grade” array that will have the capability to generate as much as 150 megawatts of power.  Apex projects that’s enough to power as many as 27,000 homes throughout the area
while diversifying the local economy and supporting jobs in the community.

The online Zoom conference next week about Coldwater Solar is set for next Thursday the 25th. It will start at 6:00 PM and run until about 7:30.

You can register to participate here.

Apex plans to have a number of its staff ready to cover some basics about how large-scale solar power operations work, along with specifics about the construction details about Coldwater solar project, along with local economic impact information.

Apex also has a proposed solar project near Lansing at nearly double the size of the one it wants to set up in Coldwater.

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