When a child is adopted by loving parents does it really matter what adoption agency made that wonderful life long connection?

Well I am very sadden to say that apparently to Democrats it does.

According to The Washington Times the states of California, Massachusetts, Illinois, Philadelphia and the District of Columbia have created a barrier between faith and adoption because of this barrier adoption agencies have been forced to shut their doors because of their religious conviction that children should be placed with a mother and a father.

This is also happening in Michigan.  Last year, the American Civil Liberties Union sued the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services for contracting with faith-based adoption agencies that refused to place children in houses headed by same-sex couples.

According to the lawsuit, in 2016 St. Vincent’s Catholic Charities in Lansing told a lesbian couple that it “does not work with same-sex couples”.

St. Vincent’s Catholic Charities in Lansing performs a service that many adoption agencies do not.  They specializes in placing large groups of siblings and teenagers into families. As an example Shamber Flore wrote a column in the Detroit News in which she stated that her siblings were adopted by a family through the Catholic agency in 2005, and that adoption saved her and her siblings lives, she stated in the article:

Most of the children in St. Vincent’s care are minority children, and it excels in providing extra support for families with special needs children and finding homes for especially hard to place kids like teens or larger sibling groups like mine…And because of its faith-based mission, St. Vincent can reach different segments of the population, recruiting families like my mom and dad who would not have adopted with another agency.

Again I ask the question does it really matter how or who helped orphans to be adopted by a loving family or is the fact that these children were adopted matter more?

The Governor of Kentucky Matt Bevin said that social science has shown consistently that children fare best when they are raised by a mother and father who stay together throughout the child’s upbringing.  He is quoted in The Washington Times article that he stated at a Heritage foundation event:

Every kid wants a father and a mother…The idea that we need to protect our children from that is absurd. This idea that we need to be worried about certain organizations making that as an option for kids exclusive of some other option, and that’s somehow detrimental.

I understand that some people may not like that faith-based adoption agencies will only consider a mother and father family as suitable to place orphan children for adoption. I do believe that we must realize that the adoption of these children should be our foremost concern, not the political or non-political ideology any organization may have.

Just in the education of our children, the children must come first not political ideology or protecting the state.

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