I am not surprised considering that the new rage of young and older adults that a new study found that 40% of Americans sleep with a Teddy Bear.

A company called Atomik Reseach performed a survey on be-half of, no surprise, Build-A-Bear to determine people’s views of Teddy Bears.

The study surveyed 2,000 adults and found that 40% actually sleep with their favorite stuffed animal by their side when they go to bed.

Does this surprise you?

According to the Atomik Research, more than half of those polled say they’ve owned a stuffed animal for more than 20 years. Another 70% of those who responded said they were never going to get rid of their stuffed friend.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Shefali Tsabary stated in press release that:

“As children develop independence from their parents, they still yearn for a secure bond with something. In many cases, children turned to stuffed animals, including teddy bears, to help them through this transition”

I first thought this may be a ploy by Build-A-Bear for promotion of their product but I then found another recent survey taken by Best Mattress Brand found that over 56% of adults who slept with a stuffed animal said it felt “comforting”. I was not surprised that in the Best Mattress survey they found a higher number of millennials are taking a “sentimental” companion to bed with, more than any other generation studied.

What does that say about our next generation of leaders?  We now know why so many young adults and some older ones are asking for safe spaces at colleges.

I apologize if I offended any "adult" who may still sleep with their stuffed animals.

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