We are told by the FBI and Michigan State Police (MSP) that 7 to 13 people were planing to not only kidnap the Governor but also some police officers, anyone around the Governor as well as overthrow the government.  If the FBI and MSP are correct then Michigan’s House Speaker and Senate Majority leader should have been informed by Whitmer, they were not.

The House Speaker Lee Chatfield tweed the following:

Yes, Governor Whitmer why did you not bring the other two branches of our government into the loop?  Perhaps you still believe you are the only one running the state of Michigan.

Also, why weren’t the House sergeants warned of this possible attack, something does not seem kosher to me.

As the Speaker said:

“The plot by these terrorists was against us too. Why weren’t House sergeants warned...You knew, and we weren’t even given a warning. We had people working in the building every day doing essential work, and their lives matter too."

The Detroit News reported that Communication Director  for Whitmer, Zack Pohl, responded via email said the Governor:

"won't be distracted by the Speaker’s partisan attacks...She remains focused on bringing Michiganders together to keep people safe and save lives. We are not going to comment on an ongoing criminal investigation”

Keep people safe and save lives by not informing anyone of this alleged plot.  That is certainly an interesting response Zach, how long did it take you to come up with that reply?

Zach then went on to admit it was President Trump's leadership of the FBI and DOJ that uncovered the alleged plot and arrested the people involved when he wrote:

“If the Speaker has concerns with this successful law enforcement operation, he should direct them to the FBI and President Trump’s Department of Justice, which was in command.”

With Zach now admitting that on behalf of Whitmer you would have thought Whitmer would have thanked President Trump instead of attacking him.

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