I really do question what goes through people's minds when they decide to act in cruelty towards defenseless animals, especially baby animals. Is there anything cuter or more harmless? Over the weekend, one driver felt it was necessary to throw a little orange Tabby kitten out of their vehicle after what people thought was an accident and then drive away from the scene. Luckily the Portage Fire Department was there for the rescue and now it looks as though it has a new home, as they posted on their Facebook:

The Fire Division was dispatched to a possible vehicle crash on Westnedge near Romence [actually Romence near Westnedge]. Upon arrival the person involved stated someone in another vehicle threw a kitten out of their window. The kitten ended up under this vehicle between the frame and suspension. FF Chris was able to crawl under the vehicle and rescue the kitten which appeared to be unharmed. The kitten was turned over to the driver. We think Lucky would be a good name for the kitten.

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Clarifying The Situation

People in the comment section were going off because they were under the assumption the fire department gave the kitten back to the person who threw it out the window. By simply reading what they wrote, that clearly was not the case, and the person who pulled off the road is the one who now has the kitten. The person who initially saw the kitten go airborne was in the comment section to detail the situation

I was the one who saw the kitten in the air and in front of my car frozen in fear. I swerved and almost hit the suv next to me she swerved. We both put on our four ways along with a lot of other cars who stopped. It ran underneath the ladies suv. We eventually moved over to the parking lot by the bank that’s when the fire department showed up and got the cat out.  I wish I would’ve seen the car or license plate.

If anyone has any information on the situation, please contact the Portage Police Department.

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