According to a Detroit Free Press article, at least three people in Michigan have become ill due to raw chicken that is resistant to anti-salmonella drugs. That's drugs plural. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is scrambling to handle a salmonella outbreak that, so far, has affected nearly 100 people in 29 states. Salmonella is a particularly unpleasant bacterium that can be found in all types of different foods, from chicken, to guacamole, that causes food poisoning; symptoms of which are chills, abdominal pain, dehydration, dizziness, nausea, vomiting - you get the idea, it's pretty horrible. People have died in extreme cases, though no deaths have been reported from this particular outbreak, as of yet.

So, how do you avoid getting sick? Make sure your food is cooked thoroughly, always you wash your hands after handling raw meats, and use different cutting boards when preparing food to avoid possible cross-contamination. Stay healthy out there, Michiganders!

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