As new players have assumed key leadership positions at the City of Battle Creek as well as Battle Creek Unlimited, those players have considered the transparency of BCU and the use of city money in its economic development efforts.

In fact, the city's most recent agreement with BCU was touted as one that included more transparency than in the past.

Nevertheless, a Freedom of Information Act request by the Battle Creek Enquirer netted the paper some information which was analyzed by a Kalamazoo law firm engaged by the paper. The goal was to subject BCU's level of transparency to the light of so-called "sunshine laws" enacted to help shed light on how public entities spend public money on economic development.

In the end, based on the information provided, the firm concluded that Battle Creek Unlimited is a private entity, and although funded with public money, is not subject to sunshine laws.

Battle Creek Enquirer reporter Jennifer Bowman spoke more about her story, as well as the analysis. Click the player below to hear her comments.

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