32% of Dads Have Been Forgotten on Father's Day.  It's a sad but true fact.

I wanted to get out front with this as quickly as possible, so as to prevent another year to go by without an adequate or better yet, excellent remembrance of the paternal unit in your life, Father.

Compared to Mother's Day, Father's Day--well, ISN'T much of a day.  We spend more than $100 on Mom, but less that $20 on Pops.  Look it up.  It is such a national embarrassment that a national survey was conducted for the purpose of quantifying just HOW awful the disparity truly is.

Presented herein are the results of the aforementioned survey.

According to a new survey, 32% of dads say their kids have completely FORGOTTEN about Father's Day at least once.  And even when we DO remember to get Dad something . . . there's a good chance it's a crap gift.

57% of dads say they've gotten a gift for Father's Day that they hated.

53% have either returned a gift or WANTED to return one.

And I guess we don't even bother trying to be creative, because over 50% of dads have gotten the same TYPE of gift more than once . . . including one guy who said he got a coffee mug four years in a row.

A few more lame presents that dads said they've gotten include "a painted rock" . . . an adult child announcing they were moving back in . . . and a Santa Claus tie.  Which is a lame gift in December, let alone the middle of JUNE.

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