A U.S. District Court Judge is ordering the release of two federal detainees from the Calhoun County Jail.  The U.S Immigration & Customs Enforcement Agency has an agreement with the county to hold people its agents have arrested for immigration violations. About 130 ICE detainees are being held at the jail in downtown Battle Creek. The American Civil Liberties Union convinced the federal judge that the detainees face a threat of contracting the COVID-19 virus and need to be released for their safety. Two other detainees included in the case are not yet being allowed to go free. That may happen after the judge reviews additional information. The judge has previously ruled that the Calhoun County Jail presents a substantial degree of risk for the ICE detainees of contracting the COVID-19 virus well into the future.  The judge says the safety measures in place at the jail amount to more of a policy statement than actual preventive practice. The court is ordering the released ICE detainees to comply with all laws and regulations upon release. They are also ordered to appear as required at any court hearings relating to their removal from the country.

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