With the winter storm that just crushed us, the most difficult aspect of it is figuring out how we are going to get home. I myself had to make alternative driving arrangments because my car just wasn't going to be able to drive through the amount of build up we had on Friday. It seems that every year we all suffer the wrath of old man winter.

One of the main complaints coming from residents is the rate and time it takes for plow trucks to take care of main roads, side streets, and freeways. A video popped up on my Facebook yesterday that completely floored me. I am not sure how they set this up but I would love to see this in Kalamazoo. An army of plow trucks in Ferndale, MI plowing the snow off a major road with a police escort:

I think if more cities took this approach, maybe we could avoid things like the massive I-94 pileup that occurred over the weekend. It may slow traffic down a bit but it's better than causing thousands of dollars in damages to cars that are unable to stop. Would you like to see something like this in Kalamazoo County?



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