Whether or not Game of Thrones’ big “Battle of the Bastards” served any purpose but to unseat Ramsay Bolton, there’s no arguing the technical wizardry of the HBO drama’s first proper battle. And while we’ve gotten a few insights into production, check out the vast layering of FX shots in a new reel, to place soldier after soldier after giant after horse into one frame.

Iloura released their compositing FX reel for “Battle of the Bastards,” offering Stark (heh) insight into how many actors or horses would occupy a given shot, before technicians would duplicate, layer and animate additional elements for one seamless picture. If nothing else, one has to enjoy the visual of Jon Snow weaving in and out of skeleton horses, before their musculature had been rendered.

The Miguel Sapochnik shoot included 25 days of filming, 160 tons of gravel, 500 extras, 600 crew members, 25 stuntmen and women and 70 horses. You can see them all in the video above, but might the “Battle of the Bastards” be our last major Game of Thrones battle between humans?

While we dream of an inevitable battle breakdown with White Walkers and dragons, stay tuned for the latest on Game of Thrones Season 7 from Comic-Con 2016.

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