As we inch closer to the end of April, there is still a lot to do out in the yard to prepare for the rest of the growing season.

Bob Coward joins us again for another edition of the Garden Show with information on a new species that could make its way to the Midwest. It is currently residing in the East Coast region, but the State of Pennsylvania has teamed up with Penn State University to head it off at the pass. Bob has all the details below on the Spotted Lanternfly.

Check out the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture's information on how to combat the fly. There is more information for homeowners that may come in contact with the fly through Penn State University.

The recent weather has also slowed things down to the point where you can catch up on what to grow this year. During the show, we look at the 8-to-14 day temperature and precipitation outlook from the National Weather Service. If you are planning for the week of April 27 through May 4, here are the maps for temperature and precipitation. In our area of Michigan, we should be slightly above normal temperature-wise, with the odds of being above normal precipitation-wise is likely.

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