You may have heard me say it before: You never know what you will see at a Wednesday night Gilmore Car Museum cruise-in.

In fact, you may be surprised at what you find on ANY given day at the Gilmore. Take this license plate for example. We old car enthusiasts are always looking at license plates in case we come across one we'd really like - for our car, or for our wall!

The Colorado plate you see above caught my eye when I saw the "BCK". And, look how close the numbers are to our FM dial position! Pretty cool.

That license plate isn't the half of what I've seen car-wise over this season's sights at the GCM. Tonight, Wednesday September 27, 2017, is the last Wednesday evening cruise-in at the Gilmore. The gates swing open every Wednesday over the spring, summer and early fall, and many of us hop in our old cars and cruise in.

Spectators without classic cars can come in and mingle. The Gilmore barns and buildings are not open during the Wednesday night cruise-ins.

We know fall is here when the last cruise-in happens! Here are just some of the cars we have seen at the Gilmore this summer!



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