The State of Michigan’s health agencies and departments today begin to work making sure people determined to be especially vulnerable to COVID-19 can get another dose of vaccine.

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It’s not officially being called a booster. But that’s essentially what a third dose of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines amounts to. Moderna executives last week were touting a potential booster, but they were looking at a half dose for a third shot, not a full-bore dose as is being recommended by the state.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s new Executive Order relating to COVID vaccines tells everyone involved in vaccination distribution and administration to make a third dose available as quickly as possible to anyone 12 and over to is deemed vulnerable.

The Centers for Disease Control’s advisory panel on immunization practices approved the third dose or booster shot for anyone with a compromised immune system who is 12 and over. They may be allowed to get a dose of either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines, preferably in keeping with their original vaccination.

An information release from the office of Governor Whitmer says it’s a critically important factor for medical care providers to help with. “The additional doses will provide additional protections for those with compromised immune systems who may not have had a robust immune response to the first two doses of vaccine. This will help protect against the delta variant and other variants.”

Governor Whitmer believes this booster may be enough to keep people safe. “Throughout the pandemic, our top priority has been protecting those who are the most vulnerable to COVID-19, including older Michiganders, residents in long-term care facilities, and immunocompromised individuals. When vaccines first became available, we ensured that 100 percent of residents in nursing homes and long-term care facilities had first dibs at the safe and effective vaccines. Now, it’s important that we continue to prioritize these Michiganders by rushing an additional dose to those who need it the most.”

Anyone needing more information on the booster process should contact their personal physician or local health department.

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