2020 has certainly put our creativity to the test when making the best out of a bad situation. Inject a little whimsy into a seemingly banal event and you succeed in the challenge of making lemonade out of life's lemons. Huzzah. One such instance of this can be found in the Ice Skating Trail in Muskegon.

Muskegon Luge Adventure Sports Park has turned a quarter-mile of their scenic hiking trail into the coolest skating locale. Instead of pushing along in a counter-clockwise oval over and over again, you are treated to an ever-changing, peaceful winter vista. But what is it like skating a trail versus a rink? Is it uneven? A challenge when met with a hill? One recent visitor reported the trail to be easier to skate on than rinks she's skated before, and the trees serve as a windbreak, so it's actually much warmer to be on the trail than on an open-air rink.

This begs the question... where can we create something like this in Southwest Michigan? We obviously cannot ice over public hiking trails, as that presents a hazard for the non-skate equipped. Plus, there'd be no way to control and maintain the thickness of the ice. Basically, don't try this at home. Leave it up to the professionals at Muskegon Luge Adventure Sports Park, and maybe (just maybe) we can find the perfect spot to do this in Southwest Michigan next year.

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