Well undoubtedly you have heard that the vote for the replacement bill for the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) has been put on hold at least a day.

The American Healthcare Act has had some pretty bad headwinds ever since it was presented.  Many like myself have asked what the Republicans have been doing for the last 7 years, why do they not have a plan that most Republicans can get behind, why did they not build a consensus behind a bill.

All open and honest people who when it comes to healthcare do not care about politics and we know that the ACA/Obamacare/Scotuscare has been an utter failure.  It has harmed many Americans and is fiscally unstainable.

We tried it the Democrats way and it has failed as I stated above, so let us try a different approach, the Republican approach.  The problem it appears it was is the Republican approach, what plan can they rally around?

Should the President and Speaker Ryan have waited to submit this bill for a vote, should they have spent more time building consensus around the bill?

Yes they should have.

Healthcare is very important obviously and touches every single American.  So waiting longer would have not been a big deal to most of us.

Politics aside most of us just want the Republican’s to get it right, period.

By the way, whatever the Republicans pass, if that does not work then we move on to a different approach.

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