Michigan is home to some of the creepiest urban legends I've ever heard of. Almost every part of the state has its own tales of things gone astray in the paranormal sense. I remember when I was growing up, the creepiest thing surrounding my area was the tale of Dunn's Tomb. The tomb is actually a mausoleum located in Lakeville Cemetery, about 20 minutes from where I grew up in Rochester in the upper right-hand corner of Oakland County. Inside the tomb are the bodies of James and Elizabeth Dunn, who ran a local sawmill in the early 1890s. James passed in 1930, Elizabeth in 1952 (h/t).

One of the versions of this legend was that a boy and a girl were dared to spend the night there. When the black car that dropped them off returned the next day, it was the discovered the pair had mysteriously died. Now it’s said that if you go there in a black car and touch the tomb, you’ll see two apparitions or white smoke-like figures come to the fence like they’re trying to come to your car. Another is that a man got locked in Dunn’s Tomb and overnight he went crazy and died from suicide. Now it's said who ever touches the tomb will find handprints on their car afterwards.
That's just one of the many urban legends from around the state, but let's look at some more so we can get you nice and scared:
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Michigan's Creepiest Urban Legends




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