The Ick Factor is made up of a husband and wife team that don't exactly have typical jobs. Kari is a Mortician and Josh is a Crematory Operator. Some people may think they are a bit Icky because of their work. But they are hopeful others will see how "normal" people who work in death care really are, as they have their own YouTube series where they investigate specific sites and revisit some haunted history around the state. They also investigated haunted sights to see if they can pick anything abnormal up, and they may have done just that, with a video they recently posted while exploring a Hartford, MI cemetery:

While walking around a cemetery and filming we got some audio that clearly has some other talking on claims to ghosts but definitely not something we can explain. We have some audio people looking at it to try to debunk the noise because we don't want to claim paranormal. What do you hear when you listen to it?!

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When you listen closely to the video there is strange audio that people very vividly picked up on:

I heard “I love you” three times. The last time had something inaudible finished with “I love you”. You might be able to find someone that can remove your voice and slow down and enhance the voice to better hear it. Please follow up with us if you do that!! -Amanda L

Did you hear a voice say "I love you" or something else?

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