A High School in Virginia thought it would be a great idea to have our Pledge of Allegiance recited in different languages.

An article in the Washington Times has informed us that Westfield High School in Fairfax Virginia decided to have children recite our Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish, French and German and that did not go well with some patriotic parents.

A statement released to a local Fox affiliate by the school Principal said:

A school administrator suggested students lead the pledge in Spanish to promote engagement and inclusion…Administrators believed this was an opportunity for other voices and languages to be heard and recognize the school diversity.

How far will these schools take this, I can only assume that children that speak languages different from Spanish, German and French will now be offended that their language was not included in reciting our Pledge of Allegiance.  Are we not supposed to be a country of total inclusion these days?

When will this ever stop, how will we attempt to assimilate immigrants to our culture and love of our country.  Or is the plan not to assimilate these immigrants and just continue to divide our country even more.

If we do not have anything as a country to rally around and to bring all of these immigrants to a common love of our country we will no longer have a united country.  We have enough today that is dividing our country we do not need to add to that list.

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