Hillsdale College is moving forward with preparation for an in-person graduation ceremony tomorrow. Students there will be doing some prep work today, including some sidewalk painting on campus. Most were able to pick up their cap and gown packages yesterday. Students, some faculty, and staff held a sunset dinner last evening. The official graduation ceremony is set for tomorrow, followed by a reception. If all this sounds contrary to the unilateral Executive Orders of Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, you’re right.

Governor Whitmer says she is “gravely concerned” about the Hillsdale graduation. Her Attorney General, Dana Nessel, flat out calls it illegal. This isn’t the first time the conservative college has gone its own way and certainly won’t be the last. It does not accept public funding. That alone sets Hillsdale apart. But the college is preparing for the event with masks and social distancing. The Detroit News reports a spokesman for the Attorney General’s office says organized gatherings of more than 100 people are strictly prohibited by the Governor's virus shutdown orders. He says the state is hoping that local law enforcement leaders will take appropriate action.  But Hillsdale County Sheriff Tim Parker is telling the News he has no intention of sending deputies to the campus of the private conservative college.  Sheriff Parker is one of many county Sheriffs across Michigan who are not actively pursuing charges against people who don’t follow the Governors Executive Orders. The Sheriff tells the News his office has not been enforcing the Governor's unilateral orders and won’t begin now.

Quoting the Sheriff, “We are really busy here, dealing with a lot of problems in this community. We are not going to an event like the one at Hillsdale College and go in there as a counter and ticker in an effort to enforce that order and issue tickets. The Sheriff goes on to say, "We just don’t have the manpower, nor is that a top priority of our community. In an email obtained by The Detroit News, Hillsdale College President Larry Arnn recommended that students and family members wear a mask whenever they are indoors, and outside if they can’t keep the state’s mandated 6-foot social distancing separation.  The college will be offering masks to those who don’t bring one. It will also assume if someone is not wearing one, they have a medical condition that cancels out the Governor’s mas requirement. Hillsdale earlier announced it would be holding in-person classes this fall.

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