Holly is a beautiful dog with a personality just as beautiful and would be a good fit in many types of homes.

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Holly is just over 3-years-old and is fully grown. She weighs about 30 pounds and appears to already be house-trained. Holly is well past the puppy stage and staff at the Humane Society of South Central Michigan (HSSCM) say she is a pretty laid-back girl.

Holly is not a dog that would enjoy taking 5-mile hikes regularly. In general, she seems to be a dog that would be content laying next to you on the couch after a good romp in the yard or some time spent playing with her.

Courtesy of the Humane Society of South Central Michigan
Courtesy of the Humane Society of South Central Michigan

Holly is listed as a Collie/Spaniel mix. So far at the shelter, her personality has been quiet and patient. Holly walks on a leash well. She would be best suited to a fenced-in yard but may not require it.

Holly may do well with another dog that has a similar energy level. She would do best in a home with children 8 years or older that are respectful towards animals.

One of the nice things about adopting a dog past the puppy stage is that they aren't going to chew your shoes up. You also know how big they will get, other than a few extra pounds depending on how much and often you feed. Their personalities are generally set as well. Although, you may see a shelter dog's personality bloom once they have the security of their forever home.

Would you like to make Holly a forever part of your family? Click here to find an application (click the Adoption tab on the top left) to fill out and return to HSSCM.

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