When you want to ban something as a government institution, should it be the American flag?

I do not think so.

Last Friday night students attempted to enter a high school football game in South Carolina with American flags and were not allowed entrance into the game.  It must be noted that the “American” Flag was not banned from the field because the school itself had an American flag on their flag pole situated behind one of the end zones.

A local news station WNCN reported that the High School principal banned students from carrying American flags into a football game because a lot of students at the opponents’ schools are Hispanic. The principal believed the American flag could have been used to taunt those students.

Are Latino’s not proud to be American?

I think that most are probably very proud to be American so I do not understand why the American flag would insult them.

The Principal was quoted in the article stating:

 Some events at last evening’s football game have resulted in concerns being raised in our community. I am writing to assure that any decisions made regarding American flags being permitted into the game were made in the best interests of all attending the game and in the spirit of patriotism and respect for our flag. Any decision to not allow the American flag to be used in an improper ‘taunting,’ unsportsmanlike manner is first and foremost in the interests of promoting the safety and well-being of all in attendance at school events. This decision would be made anytime that the American flag, or any other symbol, sign, cheer, or action on the part of our fans would potentially compromise the safety of all in attendance at a school event.”

How did he know at the time that the student or students would have used the flag in a “taunting” manner?  He was prejudging those students, those Americans.

If the student or students started to taunt the other school with the American flag he might have a foot to stand on, but in reality how could the American flag taunt them, they are in America?

The problem is we are in a period of hyper-sensitivity.  Too many people are offended by something.  But how can anyone be offended by the American flag in America.

By the way an update to this story, the school has rescinded it's ban as of today.

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