Yes you read that headline correctly and after you read this column you will wonder who or what do we have running our day to day operations in our country.

It must be very stressful to have a great paying job with great benefits and a golden parachute pension when you have the ability to retire at a relatively young age, wouldn’t you agree?

I can totally understand their stress.  I understand how we must not only pay for their great jobs, benefits and golden parachute pensions but now their Stress Workshops.

Yes you are paying for their Stress Workshops after Donald Trump’s victory.  The Washington Free Beacon is reporting about the stress management sessions provided to the State Department employees, workshops that gave government employees tips on how to cope with the by Donald Trump so they do not “become paralyzed by fear.” Stress Workshops in our Government After Trump Win

The workshops paid for by your hard earned tax dollars was titled “The Emotional Transition: Managing the Stress of Change.”  The invitation to our government employees in the State Department for these stress workshops stated the following:

Change is an inevitable part of the human experience.  We can become paralyzed by fear or allow the experience of change to propel us closer to self-actualization.  Our perspective determines our outcome. This seminar is designed to discuss the impact of change; the emotional cycles some people experience when confronted with change, and tools to effectively manage the stress of change.

Who or what type of people do we actually have working for us, are these actual adults or teenagers who cannot cope with the ups and downs of life like the rest of us?

Does your company provide you with Stress Workshops when a new supervisor, manager or CEO is hired?

How can we as American’s have confidence in the work of the people who are hired on our behalf to run the day to day operations of our country, in this case in the State Department, if they cannot even handle their “team” losing.  I bet you our adversaries around the world are laughing their rear ends off.   Maybe our adversaries are really worried now because a strong person has been elected and will not tolerate these “adults” working on behalf of the American people.

Wonder why other countries around the world have been eating our lunch when it comes to foreign policy, i.e. Russia, China, Iran and the Middle East to name a few.

It is time we bring back guidance to the rest of the world and attempt to put out the multitude of fires the Obama Administration and the Democrats have left us around the world.

It sounds like it is time we inform these government employees who need workshops to help them with their stress concerning new management to find their safe spaces somewhere else but not in our employment or on our dime.

All jobs bring stress to our lives, a part of being an adult is dealing with that stress and moving forward.  If workplace violence occurred in your department or company I could understand stress management workshops but not a change in leadership.  Do you agree?

Oh by the way they were given paid time off to attend their stress workshops.

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