Five illegal immigrants who crossed into the U.S. El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras are suing the taxpayers of America for $10 million dollars for damages they claim we caused them.

According to an article by the AP, their lawyer alleged the detained women and their children “received inadequate medical care, suffered psychological trauma and in some cases were wrongfully imprisoned.”

Really, you come to our country illegally and then complain that you are not getting adequate medical care after you have suffered trauma? Now, you must have some guts to do that. Did you receive adequate healthcare in your home country?

Their lawyer feels we failed to provide the “standard of care that they owe to these detainees.”

If you did not know, you provide these people who came here illegally with an “open environment” — an environment in which we provide them access to play areas, educational services, medical care, and legal help.

How much more do we owe these illegal immigrants?

Do you feel their lawsuit is fair?

Why did they not stay in their home country?

Should we provide the illegal immigrants with more?

What are your thoughts?

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