Halley's Comet
Getty Images: Collection: Hulton Archive


A new study analyzed data from the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) spacecraft and have determined that there are quite a bit more comets in space than was previously thought.

The WISE spacecraft tracks what they call “long-period” comets (LPCs) that take at least 200 years to orbit around the sun. The unfortunate news is the data derived from the WISE spacecraft shows that there are far more LPCs that potentially pose a serious impact risk to Earth than scientists had previously thought.

What is even more concerning is that scientist say gravitational forces can move these LPCs back into the inner solar system. If that were to happen that could potentially put them on a collision course with Earth.

The scientists say an LPC impact would be devastating. One of the scientists stated in the study that:

“A comet impact is, on average, much more devastating than an asteroid impact. Think BBs and Bullets vs. Howitzers and Nukes.”

Well if that was to happen we would no longer have to care about what happens with Obamacare or the Republican controlled Congress that appears to be able to do nothing.

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