The left, and that means most of the media, is now going really strong on attempting to convince their viewers and readers that President Trump is mentally unfit to serve as our President.  This attack is much like their attack on every past Republican President we have had going back decades.

Remember when they attempted to paint President Reagan as inept and a potential disaster to the United States.  They then turned their sights on President George H. W. Bush and his son President George W. Bush as being unintelligent, incompetent and in the case of W. a cowboy.

Now that President Trump is proclaiming there is a “Deep State” within our government the same press is attempting to make fun of President Trump and declare there is no such thing as a “Deep State”.

So I ask you, what is your definition of a “Deep State”?

The left will have you think that the “Deep State”, for those who believe there is a “Deep State”, is a government within our government who conspire to work against any Republican politician and attempt to stop that Republican against enacting the agenda for which they were elected.  Thus they paint those who believe there is a “Deep State” as conspiracy theorist and loons.

I believe that there is a “Deep State” that is not exactly what the left wants you to believe what a “Deep State” group of government employees is.

The “Deep State” to me are a group of people who believe that government is the solution to all of our countries ills and failures.  They believe that government always has the best intentions and are the only ones who can deliver the solutions for what is best for the people.  They do not necessarily meet in groups and plot out their agenda, they are just cut from the same cloth.  They truly believe that if left up to their own choices the American people will more often than not choose the wrong policy.  I believe in the end the people are smart enough to make the right choices more often than not.

Years ago a newspaper editor and I had an off the record discussion in which that editor challenged my belief that most news organizations are very left leaning and biased in their reporting.  That editor asked me if I really believe that the people who head up these newspapers, news programs and websites get together once a week and conspire to drive the agenda of the day.  Thus attempting to accuse me of being a conspiracy theorist and possibly a loon.

I told that editor that I do not believe that they all have a secret meeting once a week to collaborate on the agenda and what they will be pushing to deceive the American people on that week.  I told the editor that almost all of the “news” people are cut from the same cloth, they all went to the same type of journalist schools in which they were taught by the same type of “professors” on how to think of the world and what their role was in portraying the world to their readers and viewers.

Thus in their own, and I will use a term of theirs, implicit bias they do collaborate to misrepresent the facts of an issue to push what they believe to be what is best for the American people.  If they all think the same way, refuse to reporting honestly about the issues of the day and the policies that one group or another are pushing, as well as, the unintended consequences of those policies then they are in a way collaborating.  How many times of you heard the exact same terminology and lines used by almost all of the major newspapers and programs.  These people are stuck in a rut and just do not have the ability to see themselves a way out or their management is telling them what they want them to say.

Thus I do believe there is a “Deep State”, one in which they either believe that their policies to fix the ills and failures of America are the right ones, as well as, them wanting to keep their great paying (salary and benefits) jobs and their own conception of the power they have and can wield.

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