Just once, just one time in my life, I want to bump into a celebrity while I'm out and about in town.

John C. Reilly, most well-known for comedies like Step Brothers, paid a visit to the West Michigan area to snag himself a sandwich.

The Grand Rapids area deli, Schnitz Deli, shared a photo on July 10th of Mr. Reilly visiting their shop:

Here's the thing...this isn't his first trip to the shop. In fact, nearly one year ago to the day, John C. Reilly stopped by their shop for the very first time:

Funny how he's wearing almost the exact same outfit in both pictures. That hat does look great on him.

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Is He Just Visiting?

Yes. And, no.

I wondered what would bring him to West Michigan two years in a row at almost the exact same time. It turns out, he may have a home in the area. An article from 2022 indicates that he may have a home in the Pentwater area, a small village NW of Grand Rapids on Lake Michigan's coast.

It looks like the perfect place to relax after a long, successful acting career, that's for sure.

The Career of John C. Reilly

Hailing from Chicago, Reilly's career dates back to the 1980s, according to IMDB.com.

While most people associate him with whacky comedies like Step Brothers, Talladega Nights: The Tale of Ricky Bobby, and Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, he's also starred in a number of other movies of different genres.

A few of my favorites include Chicago, Wreck-It-Ralph, and Gangs of New York.

Clearly a man of talent, it sounds like he's also kind in person with every story about people running into him being nothing but positive. And, you never know...if you're in the West Michigan area you might just bump into him while snagging your favorite sandwich.

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