Kalamazoo Gospel Ministries has announced a new outreach program for those who don't normally stay at their mission.

With a new portable trailer, they'll be offering a place for people to take a shower and do laundry every Tuesday at a specific location.

About the Trailer

According to a recent Facebook post from Kalamazoo Gospel Ministries, the trailer will be set up behind Hartleb Insurance Agency in Comstock every Tuesday throughout the summer months.

Those in need can take a cool shower and clean their clothes.

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Small hygiene items will also be provided for people to use and take with them:

Who is This For?

Those in our community who are unhoused or struggling in other ways.

It is my personal belief, as someone who does not speak for any company or entity, that every human being should have access to a shower so they can feel clean and dignified. I believe it's a basic human right, really. Especially, when the heat peaks around 90 degrees or more during Michigan's summer months.

More and more, we're seeing cities implement some sort of portable shower system for those who may not have access to running water. In San Fransico, for example, they transformed city buses into portable showers for the homeless:

While Kalamazoo Gospel Ministries is starting with a 2-shower trailer, I hope that they'll be able to continue this outreach program or even expand it in the future.

You can learn more about Kalamazoo Gospel Ministries, their services, how to donate, and more on their website.

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