Brace yourself! Winter is coming.

Although we haven't quite reached the Winter solstice yet-- which takes place on Thursday, December 21-- meteorological winter is officially underway! That means it's time to break out the ice skates and snowboards.

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Even with the recent bout of snow I expect we'll see a Green Christmas here in West Michigan. Lately it seems winter doesn't seem to settle in until after the New Year.

Whenever the snow finally decides to actually stick around, you'll want to make sure you're ready to enjoy the cold, fresh air for your favorite outdoor activities. But which is Michigan's best winter activity, in your opinion?

What's Michigan's Best Winter Activity?

Michigan truly is a "Water-Winter Wonderland." What's your favorite outdoor activity once the flakes start flying?

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Michigan Winters Described in 5 Words or Less

On both Facebook and Reddit, Michiganders have taken on the challenge of describing the winter season in five words or less

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9 Essential Winter Prep Tips for Michigan Homeowners

Brace yourself, winter is coming! Michigan homeowners should make sure they're doing these 9 things now before winter weather strikes. Here's how to prep your home for the cold harsh weather of Michigan winter:

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