It's not a date, it's not a code, and it's not any sign from a celestial being to fulfill some prophecy. It's simply the same number three times: 9/9/9. So what does it mean, and why do I keep seeing it pop up on my social media?

Well, it's the latest ballpark trend, and this baseball season, you, too, can try the 9/9/9 challenge when you go to your next Tigers, Growlers, or WhiteCaps Game.

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This challenge came up at the start of this baseball season, and actually the first time I saw it was on a Cleveland Guardians group. They were talking about the eclipse on Monday, and talked about not being able to start the 9/9/9 challenge when they had planned.

So WHAT IS the 9/9/9 challenge?

It's easy: 9 beers, 9 hot dogs, 9 innings. Simple, right? Until you really think about how much food 9 hot dogs is, or how much 9 beers is, and how much faster 9 innings of baseball are right now in the Major Leagues.

Keep in mind, too, beers at a Tigers game are between $9 and $12, and even the minor league beers at Growlers and WhiteCaps games will run you a minimum of $6. Not to mention, hot dogs costing between $3 and $12 as well. So make sure, if you're actually going to the games, you can afford it.

BUT, even if you can't be there in person, this is still a challenge you can complete at home with a package of Oscar Mayer Weiners, and a 12 pack of MIller Lites... if that's your thing. Much cheaper.

So good luck, if you dare to take it on!

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