It started with an innocent question... "If you had someone visiting Kalamazoo/Battle Creek, but only for one day, WHERE are you taking them?"

It should have been a list of fun places to visit quickly, and some cool spots to catch a show, get a drink, and eat some good food. But apparently, residents here would rather take you somewhere else, which is kinda sad if you ask me.

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We posed the question on our social media recently, and what should have been a list of some cool, quick one-day activities, sadly turned into a lot of people wishing they were somewhere else, or portraying the cities in such a negative light as to imply you'd just end up in jail.

"I'd probably take him to the county jail because that's what we're going to end up spending one day here."

But beyond that, more than a dozen comments from people who are form the area saying they would rather take their time elsewhere in west Michigan, than spend it in the two cities.

It wasn't all negative of course. Some people even replied back to others implying they'd rather be somewhere else.

"... You're missing out. BC may not seem like much, but has some pretty cool history. Also some cool things to do. Leila Arboretum has festivals all summer, world's longest breakfast table. It's not a bad place really."

But it is disheartening to go into a situation looking for fun, informative answers, and getting so much negativity. To be honest, I'm still relatively new to the area, and was looking forward to some new ideas. And overwhelmingly since I've moved her, people enjoy showing me some of the finer points of town.

But clearly, even people who have lived here for much longer than me still have some exploring to do, to recognize that Kalamazoo and Battle Creek aren't so bad a places to visit.

In fact, check out the list of places that WERE suggested during a quick day-trip to BC and Kalamazoo.

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