Ford has issued a major recall on two popular SUVs that could potentially leak gasoline all over the engine of the vehicle, and start a fire.

If you own one of these SUVs, you're being asked to contact your local dealer immediately to take care of the issue, and some compensation could be coming your way.

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On Monday, April 1st, owners of two popular brands of SUVs were contact about the recall. The vehicles include the following:

  • Bronco Sport SUVs from the 2022, 2023 Model Years (1.5 liter engine)
  • Escape SUVs from 2022 (1.5-liter engine)

The flaw in the engines was reported by Ford, saying the fuel injectors on these engines can crack, and gas, or gasoline vapors, can accumulate near ignition sources on the vehicle, and potentially spark a fire in the engine compartment.

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If you have one of these vehicles, Ford is asking that you report to a local dealer, who will install a tube to let gasoline flo away from hot surfaces, and to the ground below the vehicle. They will not, however, replace the potentially faulty fuel injectors at that time. Ford explains that this is because the fault only appears in about one percent of the SUVs.

Thankfully, should you fall victim to the cracked injectors, Ford will extend the warranty coverage on the injectors, so owners who do experience an issue will get them replaced.

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Ford says they'll also update the engine control software to detect a pressure drop in the fuel injection system, which would indicate a cracked injector. The new update would then disable the high pressure fuel pump, reduce engine power and cut temperature in the engine compartment.

At their initial report, Ford has only reported 14 warranty fixes, and five under-hood fires, but no crashes or injuries.

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