The Battle Creek Cereal Festival is returning for 2024. It almost seems like perfect timing that the announcement would be made for the return of the national serial festival to be held June 8 at the Festival Market Square in downtown Battle Creek.

Kellogg and Post have been in pop culture for a long time, including recently, especially with the release of the Jerry Seinfeld Family, friendly comedy movie unfrosted. The film has a overexaggerate and fictitious look at how the Pop Tart was created by Kellogg in Battle Creek.

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They kind of paint the town to be cliché 50s happy go lucky neighborhood, which could’ve been the case back then. But Battle Creek is a lot different, but one thing that isn’t is their love for cereal. Personally, I could smash so many bowls of cereal. It’s not even funny, and that’s kind of what the festival is about: to celebrate Battle Creek Heritage as the birthplace of the cereal, industry, and to bring hundreds of people in every year to celebrate that as their event page details:

This family-friendly festival includes a variety of entertainment! Live music will be provided by Kanin Wren - The Taylor Swift Experience, as well as Allie Garland and Sean Gibson. Live animal shows will be provided by Realm of the Reptile, along with inflatables from Kirk's Jump N Fun Rentals. We will also have yard games, children’s activities, arts and crafts, and of course FREE cereal for all! The event will be outdoors, surrounding Festival Market Square.

Downtown Battle Creek, June 8, 2024, 8am-12pm, and is free for the public.

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