I'm usually a fan of trying regional foods with an open mind. Tacos in particular are VERY territorial, and different parts of the country, different regions of even Mexico, and even other South American countries have their own spin on what goes in a taco.

But by far, I've never been more disappointed in a regional style of taco, than the other day when I discovered that not only does Ohio have their own version... but it is just... the worst.

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Regional styles of tacos are often determined by the resources available to the people cooking the food.

For example, Coastal regions will usually offer more varieties of fish tacos. But places like Central Mexico are known for the Al-Pastor variety, which is made from spit-roasted, marinated pork with some pineapple. And areas in Northern Mexico, where there are much more cattle, will typically create varieties of shredded beef, birria, and even lengua (cow's tongue).

But as unappetizing as lengua tacos sound (they're actually amazing), the biggest affront to Taco Tuesdays everywhere has to be what Ohio has done, and while I thought this was some kind of online prank at first, I have confirmed that this is really a thing - The Ohio-style Taco.

Now, of course, variations will abound in any type of food, but this video from TikTok seems to be the "most common" and "authentic" wan to make Ohio-Style tacos.

@fooddudescook How we make tacos in Ohio #easymeal #tacotuesday #food ♬ original sound - Food Dudes

Yes. It's basically a smash burger, on a tortilla, with SOME hamburger ingredients, and SOME actual taco ingredients. It looks SO greasy with the beef juices soaking into the tortilla. But then you throw in Lemon juice, carrot stripes, dill pickle slices, spinach... it seems like someone took a really bad vegetarian taco... and just smashed a cooked beef patty at the bottom of it all.

Ohio, I don't know why I'm continually surprised by asking this, but... WHAT are you DOING!?!?! And the more you deny this is a thing, the more I'm not going to believe you.

This is one of the worst food crimes I've ever seen, and your punishment is, you lose ALL Taco Tuesday rights. May God have Mercy on your soul.

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