Kalamazoo County will begin officially issuing their own Identification cards to residents with the grand opening of their new office this week.

The County says that the ID Office will open at 9am Thursday at the Kalamazoo County Administration Building, and the office will allow those without picture ID to get access to one. Kalamazoo County says that these IDs allow you to prove your identity to law enforcement, or while carrying out financial transactions.

In order to get the ID, you have to prove you’re a resident of Kalamazoo County, and prove your identity using a variety of different sources worth different amounts, adding up to certain point thresholds; for example, if you present an social security card and a Michigan Department of Corrections Prisoner card, you’d qualify. You could also show a foreign passport or other international ID card, along with an educational ID and utility bill to hit the point total; for a complete list of all documents and their point values, click here. 

Several area businesses are offering incentives to people who come in with a Kalamazoo ID; places like Arcadia Ales and Portage Printing are offering 10% off to ID holders. Others, like Food Dance and Water Street Coffee, are listed as supporting the program on the County's website but their offers aren't specified.

Go to kalcounty.com/clerk/id for more information.

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