A Kalamazoo man will be spending several years in federal prison in connection to the theft of a gun and mail.

The US Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Michigan says 33-year-old Immanuel Bradley had first been arrested in October 2018, when police found him in Kalamazoo in a stolen car, with a backpack holding stolen mail, checkbooks, and “other financial instruments”. A search warrant at his residence recovered a garbage bag full of similar items, including drivers licenses, passports, and social security cards.

While he was awaiting trial for this incident, Kalamazoo Public Safety officers were called to a grocery store for a shoplifting complaint, in February of this year. There, authorities say Bradley hid a stolen semiautomatic pistol in the checkout aisle, fought with officers and ran away into a nearby occupied home; after a standoff with the KDPS SWAT team, he was arrested without further incident.

In the release Tuesday, the US Attorney’s Office says a judge sentenced Bradley to 78 months in prison on charges of possession of stolen mail, and being a felon in possession of a firearm. The sentencing was above the guideline range, with the judge citing his “long history of recidivism”.

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