A 38-year-old Kalamazoo man is in a Toledo area hospital following a brush with law enforcement early Sunday morning.

Defiance County (Ohio) Sheriff's deputies responded to a home just southwest of Bryan around 2 a.m. May 17th after a man was stabbed. The homeowner, 43-year-old Michael Harris, was found inside along with the suspect. An physical altercation between the suspect and authorities took place, resulting in the suspect sustaining a gunshot wound from a deputy.

Authorities have identified the man as 38-year-old Clarence Thigpen of Kalamazoo. He was taken to a Toledo-area hospital after being transferred from Bryan Hospital. He's listed in critical but stable condition.

Harris was taken to a hospital in Northeast Indiana for treatment. He is listed in stable condition.

The investigation of the case continues along with an internal investigation by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, due to a shooting involving a law enforcement member.

Thigpen was currently free on parole from a Breaking and Entering of a Building with Intent from 2015. He also served time for three armed robberies in 2001 in Kalamazoo County at the age of 19. He was held in custody while on parole until May 10th, a week before the incident.

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