The news concerning Vice President Pence being only the second person who is a sitting VP or President to visit Mackinac Island was not the news pushed by the media.  The news pushed by the media was that he or his Secret Service staff decided they needed a vehicle for him to travel around the Island.  An island where supposedly all vehicles are not permitted except for emergency vehicles, service vehicles, and in some cases other vehicles are allowed.

Last weekend VP Pence did take a motorcade to the Republican Leadership Conference on Mackinac Island as opposed to a horse drawn carriage as President Ford did in July of 1975.  Now people can debate whether he should have taken a horse drawn carriage or not.  By the way times are very much different from 1975 to today.  The left have certainly shown a propensity towards violence in the last 3 years and that should be taken into consideration, do you remember the liberal who worked for Bernie Sanders and attempted to assassinate all of the Republicans on the baseball field.

What I do want to draw your attention to is times when vehicles are allowed on the Island and they are not emergency or service vehicles.

Shepler’s Ferry who transported the Vice President motorcade over to the island responded to many tweets concerning their transportation of the motorcade vehicles.  They stated that the decision was not political and the business often transports vehicles approved by the city of Mackinac Island. The company said its helps media professionals bring their vehicles to the island for the annual Detroit Regional Chamber's Mackinac Policy Conference.

Wait a minute, did you just say the media demands that their vehicles are allowed on Mackinac Island.  The same media that is upset and brewing trouble because VP Pence drove in a motorcade.

By the way President Ford back in July of 1975 did use a horse drawn carriage to parade down Main Street on Mackinac Island but he also had at least one vehicle on the Island during his stay. Why people are so concerned about this I do not know but they are.  That being said I wanted to make sure you have all the facts concerning this issue.

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