Marshall’s Common Citizen Marijuana growing facility took another leap forward today with the announcement of a partnership with a legendary California-based grower.  The deal between Detroit-based Common Citizen and San Francisco-based Sherbinski will make the Marshall Michigan facility the first outside of California to grow the world-renowned cannabis brands and sell the flower at Common Citizen’s retail locations.

Common Citizen CEO Michael Elias and Sherbinskis founder Mario Guzman held a press conference at the Marshall facility on Wednesday.  Elias noted that Common Citizen and  Sherbinski have a long track record of engaging the community, and both have shown a relentless pursuit of quality and a desire to unravel misconceptions about cannabis.  “As a healthcare practitioner for 22 years, it’s great to be able to help patients with quality cannabis.   We’re looking forward to producing new strains of this remarkable product, and utilizing our one-of-a-kind hybrid greenhouse in this partnership.”

Guzman said he started growing marijuana 20 years ago at beginning of the medical marijuana movement.  “I was working as a real estate agent, and started growing in my garage to help pay the bills,” said Guzman.  “I quickly learned what it was like to help people.   There were a lot of risks back then, but I had a vision of someday being able to serve people at legal dispensaries.  The strains we’ve developed and grown have proven to be highly effective in helping people in pain, or unable to sleep”.

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Common Citizen-Mike Elias and Mario Guzman-Common Citizen Zoom photo
Common Citizen-Mike Elias and Mario Guzman-Common Citizen Zoom photo

Guzman talked about why he decided to work with Elias and Common Citizen.  “It’s about helping people, showing compassion, and we shared those values with Mike and Common Citizen.  We believe in quality over quantity.  I’ve had a lot of offers to take the brand to other states, but this is the first time I felt that our important quality standards would continue.   They’ve spared no expense at the new facility in Marshall.”

Guzman said he has heard from many medical patients who have told him that his products were highly effective.   “We’re excited to be working arm-and-arm with Mike and his team to produce quality cannabis.   I hope people will reach less for opiates and alcohol as we provide a healthier and safer alternative.”

Guzman said his first brand, Sunset Sherbet, put Sherbinski on the map, and his subsequent Gelato line of products have been mentioned by name in more than 250 hip-hop songs.  “They’ve become legends in pop culture, and for the first time, those will be available in Michigan. “   Guzman says new genetics are also being worked on, with a new genetic library being created at the Marshall facility.

Elias said Common Citizen is engaged in a perpetual and never-ending expansion.  “We’re close to maximizing the 200,000 square foot facility already, but won’t do it at the cost of quality or morale.   I’m happy to report that by the end of June, every one of the 10 grow rooms in Marshall will be operational.”   Elias said they will be aggressively expanding retail, and adding a state-of-the-art lab that will lead to more jobs.  “We’re going to be starting a second shift.   We can’t grow the stuff fast enough.   We’re looking at heavy expansion and heavy investment.   Marshall is such an incredible place.  The city has partnered with us side-by-side from day one.    It’s been a welcoming community and very business-centric.”

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