As we head into Bike Week in Kalamazoo from may 8th until the 15th, we can now celebrate that May is now officially considered "Bike Month" thanks to State Representative Julie M. Rogers. Currently she's serving her 1st term representing the 60th House District, which includes the City of Kalamazoo, and portions of Kalamazoo Township and the City of Portage and is a former County Commissioner and practicing physical therapist. On May 6th, she approached the state with a resolution to make the month of May officially Bike Month, in a video she posted on Facebook:

Today I offered House Resolution 99 Declaring May as Bike Month in Michigan, which passed unanimously. Please consider joining me in participating in one of Kalamazoo Bike Week’s events during May 8-15.

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Featured events happening during Bike Week in Kalamazoo will be the Gilmore Car Museum Bike Friendly Mother's Day Event, Mayor's (Bicycle) Ride, KRVT Trail Cleanup Hosted by Discover Kalamazoo, and All Day Learn How to Fix A Flat. Those a re a few of the events, but you can check out all the events here.

Kalamazoo Bike Week's website announced this is the 10th annual event and touches on just how impactful biking has been to our community in Kalamazoo:

People have been bicycling for basic transportation and to stay fit & healthy in greater numbers than ever. In 2021 KBW will include compact group events — others will be enjoyed solo, in safe circles or virtually. All showcase our diverse and vibrant bicycling community.

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