77-year-old Karl Manke of Owosso, a small town straight west of Flint, was never looking for publicity. He just needs to make an income. He closed his tiny barbershop in keeping with Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s shutdown order in March. But he needs income. He reopened his small shop about a week ago. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel threw the book at him at the end of last week with a Health Protection Order. Nessel says he must shut down voluntarily or she will order his barbershop closed. A half dozen state troopers visited his shop Friday to deliver a copy of the AG’s Order and personally inform him that he’s violating all kinds of new state rules and regulations and he needs to close. Manke says no deal. He’s indicated that he will reopen today. Large crowds have gathered outside his shop in support, and, lining up to get their hair trimmed. Some Michigan Militia members are saying they plan to set up a barricade of sorts outside the shop today to prevent any attempts by state or local law enforcement to attempt to close the shop. Manke says his efforts are not a protest against Governor Gretchen Whitmer and her shutdown orders. He sees no difference between running his barbershop with safety precautions in place, and Walmart being allowed to stay open.

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