Another Michigan fishing record has been broken. It happened earlier this month in the Shiawassee River in Saginaw County by a man who was bowfishing, according to the Michigan DNR.

Tyler Fisher, who lives in the Saginaw County village of St. Charles, caught a record-breaking bigmouth buffalo, beating a state-record that was set recently in 2017. Fisher's fish weighed in at 32.01 pounds and measured 38 inches in length. DNR Fisheries Biologist Kathrin Schrouder of Bay City verified the new record.

Courtesy Michigan DNR
Courtesy Michigan DNR

During the past decade, Michigan anglers have caught 14 state-record fish. The DNR attributes it to the growth and health of the state’s world-class fisheries and the long-term management efforts that help sustain them. According to a recent MUCC study, an estimated 1.1 million licensed anglers a year contribute $2.3 billion to Michigan’s economy.

Plentiful opportunities to fish a variety of species continue to draw both new anglers and accomplished veterans to Michigan waters. - Michigan DNR

State-record fish are recognized by weight only. To qualify for a state record, fish must exceed the current listed state-record weight, and identification must be verified by a DNR fisheries biologist.

The DNR also reminds anglers who bowfish to properly dispose of all specimens they harvest.

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