A man in Michigan's Thumb-region tried an unconventional, and ultimately unsuccessful, escape from police during a marijuana raid on his property. The Bay City Times reports that 60-year-old Hendrick Westers was confronted by police earlier this month on his Sanilac County property as they were investigating an illegal large scale marijuana growing operation on his farmland.

When authorities served a search warrant on August 9th, Westers fled from the house and reportedly jumped in a canoe and started paddling out in a pond on his property. A short time later, he paddled back and spoke to officers. They discovered over 700 pot plants on five different sites at the property. Westers admitted to police that he did not have and licenses or permits for medical marijuana, but even if he did, the amount of plants far exceeded state limitations.

Police arrested Westers and was later arraigned on several drug related charges as well as resisting police for his attempted escape on the canoe. He has another court date scheduled this week.

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