Last month I wrote about how much future taxpayer cash Michigan Schools received as part of the world’s largest slush fund.  The Democrats last March passed a bill costing the future taxpayers of the United States $1.9 trillion dollars ($1,900,000,000,000).  They called this slush fund “American Rescue Plan” or as I like to affectionately call it the world’s largest slush fund.  Michigan schools received over $6 Billion dollars ($6,000,000,000) for what, just about anything they want.

The funds are being given out in Michigan through the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund.  We are now informed that some schools are actually having problems spending that future taxpayers borrowed cash fast enough.  MLive is reporting that Grand Rapids Public Schools is “struggling to spend federal dollars ahead of deadline”.  I think it is cute that MLive cannot even bring itself to even write that it is federal taxpayer dollars borrowed let alone future taxpayers probably taxpayers who have not even been born yet.

When I read that Grand Rapids Schools (GRPS) are “struggling to spend federal dollars ahead of deadline” I first thought how much future taxpayer cash did Grand Rapids School District receive, sit down before I inform you?

Grand Rapids Schools received $114.5 million taxpayer dollars, that is $114,500,000.00!

Grand Rapids Public Schools Superintendent Leadriane Roby said:

In my nearly 30-year career, I’ve never had an issue where we have money and can’t adequately spend it…We’ve talked with other districts across the nation, and then also here in the state of Michigan, everybody’s running into the same issue.

Roby went on to inform us that schools all over Michigan and the country also are in a “unprecedented position where they have plenty of money to spend, but not enough time to spend it”.

The problem they say is each traunch of future taxpayer cash they are given has a deadline in which to spend that cash or they must give it back.  Apparently, the supply chain issues and labor shortages are causing a delay in these schools spending these future taxpayers’ cash. For instance, GRPS the district’s chief financial officer, Larry Oberst said:

We put a (request for proposals) out to refurbish 741 of our classrooms for new in-classroom technology... but one of the challenges we’re finding with these bids is we’re getting fewer responses from vendors because they’re at capacity…We’ve only gotten two responses on that bid.

What more do we have to say?  These funds were not borrowed by the Democratic Party, they all voted for it and the Republicans did not, for Covid-19 related expenses they were borrowed for what, you tell me.  If these schools need the taxpayer dollars, then our legislators should have debated and voted on these expenditures they did not need to be hidden and passed off as Covid-19 spending in Democrat passed federal government Ponzi scheme.

Would you agree?

This is outright theft and these politicians should be pointed out and thrown out of office.

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