I saw a post the other day and it had me wondering how truck drivers are expected to do something that's simple for us but a workout for them. Recently a semi truck driver was pulled in by the Department of Transportation for having snow on his roof in access of close to if not more than 2 feet, fined, and then was charged for snow removal. Now, the 2 feet of snow on his roof is seriously dangerous and could have caused an accident, or at worse a pile up. But should it be THEIR responsibility?

It's bad enough for me to have to go out and clear a few inches off, but how are we to expect semi truck drivers to find a way to get to the top of their truck and clear off that much snow. I seems like there should be some kind of car wash where that can be managed at the weigh station. It turns out I'm not the only one, as one of the truckers felt this fee was unnecessary:

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Weight Stations should provide and overhead scraper for all rigs. My opinion
Many people seeing the post felt like he was right to get fined, and former truckers also shared their concerns that it wasn't handled before leaving for its destination:

It is the trucker’s responsibility to have a safe operating vehicle. This is a huge hazard. I have drove truck for 27 years and would never of left the yard with that on the top of my trailer. I have been hit with a chunk of snow and it is like hitting a flock of geese. I think it should be the responsibility loading facility to have a snow removal mechanism.

Michigan Snow Laws

Under MCL 257.677a(2)-(4), it is illegal for snow, ice or slush to fall into either the roadway or the shoulder in such a way that a motorist’s vision is impaired. That law, like it or not, stands for all Michigan drivers. So it sounds like this is an issue that needs to be addressed, otherwise this issue will continue to persist.

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