The State of Michigan is filing a federal lawsuit against the U.S. Government. Specifically, the Education Department and Secretary Betsy Devos.  Michigan joins several other states in the joint filing, claiming the Education Department is illegally sending money under the Cares COVID-19 supplemental funding bill, to private schools. The states claim the Department and Secretary Devos are intentionally misinterpreting the intent of the funding. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel claims Michigan public schools could lose at least $16 million under the distribution plan set up by the federal Education Department. Michigan AG Nessel says Congress intended for school districts to share coronavirus funding with low-income students attending private schools in their districts. Education Secretary Devos believes the CARES Act does not restrict the aid to only poor students, and that all private school s are eligible for the government assistance money.

Like most other disputes between the Democratic Administration of Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the Republican Trump Administration in Washington, AG Nessel says it’s all politics. Secretary Devos believes the department’s policy promotes education first, public or private designations second. The CARES Act was approved by Congress in March and targets nearly $31 billion for K-12 schools along with colleges and universities throughout America. The Michigan Department of Education so far has taken in almost $390 million.

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