So, the kids have been on Holiday break, and whenever you pass through the living room, young Dweezil or Joanie is staring at their handheld device, continuously swiping at the screen. Gone are the days of going outside to hike the woods, or construct a snowman. The young zombies are mesmerized by the images and games that scroll before their eyes. The term “Lincoln Logs” brings a blank stare to their face. 

One of the advantages of being a kid in Galesburg, Michigan, during the sixties was that television programming was limited to 3 television stations, “soap operas” took up the afternoon, and your mom didn’t want you to bother her during “her shows”. You were forced to track down your neighborhood buddies and try to find some creative mischief to pass time. 

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The State of Michigan has come to the aid of all frustrated parents who desire to stir the fire of the creative spirit within their child. It’s called the “What Makes Michigan Strong” art contest. The winning design will be featured on the 2023 State of the State program cover. Students K-12 can grab their crayons, marker, or paint and come up with a design that must be entered online by 11:59 PM, Sunday, January 15th. Keep in mind, political correctness will be hovering over the easel stand. The State of Michigan fails to mention what the winning prize will be, but my guess would be just the glory of knowing that your design was chosen and a printed commendation (suitable for framing), or perhaps, a left-handed mitten. 

It would be interesting to see the various images of what makes Michigan strong, according to the minds of our current crop of contestants. Some could be disturbing. Just keep in mind, all entries must be posted online at by Sunday, January 15th.

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