Well we know that the Governor of Michigan believes it is too cold for people to work, oh excuse me I mean it is too cold for state employees to work.  The Governor has closed down state government for a second day in a row due to the cold.  By the way we can almost call it 3 days this week since she sent all state workers home at 10 am on Monday.

On that point I do want to point out what the chief of staff to Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, Alexis Wiley told the Detroit Free Press.  Ms. Wiley stated the City is staying open because:

I think moments like this are when citizens need their government to be open…For us, there's a lot of coordination going on right now.

The City of Detroit’s chief operations officer, Hakim Berry stated:

We know that our residents depend on many of these services, and we’re committed to providing them even in the coldest temperatures…While cold temperatures may impact some facilities and equipment, we are working hard to maintain the level of service Detroiters have come to expect from us.

Both of their statements I thought were interesting and correct would you not agree?

But enough about that, what has been happening in your area due to the extreme cold?

For instance I have a few windows in my home which are not that old, do not leak any air and there are no leaks between the panes but actually have ice forming on the inside.

I also have one dog who refuses to go outside to go the bathroom, she fights us every time we want to let her out to do her business.

The other day my garage door was actually frozen to the floor, I actually had to get out of my vehicle to open the door.  My children did not know what I was doing since they have only seen automatic garage door openers in their life time.

How about you, let us try to have some fun with these extreme cold weather.

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