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Congressman Peter Meijer narrowly avoided a censure from Michigan’s 3rd District Republican Party when their executive committee deadlocked 11-11 on their vote to censure him.  He was not so lucky with one of the counties in his district that being Calhoun County.

The Calhoun County Executive Committee of the Republican Party has issued a formal Letter of Censure to Congressman Peter J. Meijer (R-MI).   Their press release states:

This action comes in response to Rep. Meijer’s vote in support of House Resolution 24 to impeach President Donald Trump just seven days after rioters stormed the United States Capitol.

“Our decision to censure was not made lightly,” said Calhoun County Chairwoman Jeannie Burchfield. “Both our executive committee and other local Republicans who inundated us with calls to take action agreed that we needed to make Congressman Meijer aware, through formal means, of the numerous objections we had to his vote to support the impeachment of President Trump.”

This is the first time in the history of the organization that a censure has been issued against a sitting elected official.

“Even in this atmosphere of heightened political tension, our desire is to be factual and fair,” Burchfield stated. “We believe that a fair assessment of the facts warranted this unprecedented response.”

As I have stated in previous opinion pieces as well as on my Radio show my concern with Congressman Meijer and the other nine Republicans who voted for impeachment was and is to do simply with evidence.  I wanted to see evidence that President Trump’s words actually incited a riot or as some call it an insurrection in which not a single shot was fired by the people who rioted.


I have invited Congressman Meijer on my show to discuss the letter of censure.

Stay tuned....

Editor's Note: Congressman Meijer gave his views on what was then a potential impeachment when he spoke on ABC News the day following the Capitol Insurrection when supporters of President Trump stormed the building in an effort to overturn his defeat.

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